Hip hip

Went out, played last tablesoccer competition match and although we lost 11-7 overall, I managed to win one game, and draw another. Not bad at all, even though most of the work was done by the excellent front player Rene.

Had tons of fun and laughs with the group of friends they all have become and I really enjoyed it. Took some pictures for our publication to go with the tournament that we organize next week, and mailed them off to my sis, as she's doing the layout for the publication.

Dunno yet what I'll be doing tomorrow - I might head off to the mega-erotica fair, but I ain't sure about it - or I could postpone that to sunday and see if Joco decides to join me. It usually is not that interesting and the € 15 entrance fee is rather steep for something that's basically a waste of time, but hey... who knows, maybe some things catch my attention. Sunday evening might be spent watching "24" at Joco and Eef's place, but I shouldn't make it too late since I start my training on monday morning.

Today has been good to me - I'm pleased.

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