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I just spent nearly 4 hours working on a "client" machine because it needed an update of it's virusscanner. One would think it's an easy enough thing to do, wouldn't you? *Beep* Wrong!

It all started quite fine - go online, buy a new version of the scanner with a credit card and receive a download link. Start downloading nearly 20MB, over an ISDN line. As we were at about 82% I had the wise idea to switch to Outlook Express to see if the confirmation mails had already arrived, and what does OE do? It disconnects the modem and dials in again. Bye bye download!

OK.. shit happens, so I disconnect OE, close it down dial in again and start the download once again. The connection freaks out at 62% this time, and there is no apparent reason for it. Since we already wasted close to one hour, I tell the "client" that I'll forward the mail to my home account, drive home, download it over my kick ass DSL line, burn it onto a CD and return to his place. No problems there, I get home download the setup files (less than 3 minutes) and toast a CD.

back to his place, install runs fine, but when I start the scanner it complains that it can't find the registration key. WTF? The key is there! Back onto the web, read the FAQ, copy key to various positions, each time followed by a reboot (of a slow computer) so imagine the horror. Still no dice.

I uninstall the new version, manually remove all traces of the previous versions, reboot and install again. Finally the key sticks, phew. It's only been 4 hours of work to install a simple virusscanner. The worst part is that you can't charge a client for 4 hours of time when installing a USD60 virusscanner, so I cut him a deal and charged 2.5 hours instead. After all, it wasn't his fault that OE disconnected the first time, the connection fucked up the second time, or that the registration key went awol - neither was it my fault, but oh well... part of the job.

If you've seen the Powerball Gyroscope over at ThinkGeek but would rather like a European source to buy one, check out friends of mine that have the Power Ball (Nano) for sale in Belgium now : Power Ball Nano

1 Comment

I'm so happy ours is a simple download!

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