Excuses? Maybe (not)

I've really been lacking the time - and the drive - to update regulary the past week. Being on this training course all day long really changed everything, and I'm still wondering what truck ran over me - multiple times - on thursday. Well, I know for a fact that is not what happened, yet I totally feel like that.

Next tuesday is another day of torture, followed by a long day out in the field on wednesday... I'll be dead before I get to the examination part! I'm so tired right now, that I can't do anything else but search my bed, drop in and sleep like a log.

Oh, as I was zapping on the telly, I ran into Beavis and Butthead and for old times sake, I stuck around and watched it. Suprisingly the stupid humor still works in some cases. Sure, it's not as funny as the top quality British dark comedy (think Black Books, Bottom or the Young Ones) but it wouldn't be fair to compare the two. B&B had "Army of Me" by Bj�rk on the playlist - that songs still rocks!

Tomorrow is a table soccer tournament (where I'll be participating, unless I'm totally confused) and on sunday I really should review the course notes I made over the week and check some of the chapters we've covered so far, just to stay up to date. Although there have been references towards it a few times this week, none of us have been interviewed or been offered a job just yet. Maybe next week, or after the exams, who knows?

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