Busy day

I think I did OK on the tests, although there really is no way to tell in advance. I know for a fact that I skipped some of the questions because I just couldn't figure out the relation between the various figures and opted instead of wasting more time to work on the next question. We'll see if that was the correct approach if we get a letter next week stating whether or not I got into the training course.

Ann was there as well, and she was happy to see someone she recognized too. These things are always easier to do when you kind know someone already. I have got no clue how the other candidates performed although one of them told me I was using "big words" when he asked what they meant with a certain question and I replied that they were asking for characteristics about himself (like "passive", "impulsive" and such). I wonder who wouldn't know those words or their meaning, but it's not in me to judge anyone although it does suprise me a bit.

Go figure... the one day I've got to leave the house for extended periods of time, UPS decides to show up to drop off the package. I'll have to call them tomorrow to set up a new delivery date/time. I tried calling them when I got home but their offices were already closed unfortunately.

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