Box maintenance

I've been keeping myself busy yesterday with updating a bunch of programs with newer releases - of course after making a backup of the previous and working versions - and today I moved on to installing new sound drivers (WHQL), I flashed my BIOS, which got a tiny bit scary when it reported incorrect BIOS settings after returning from the update, but I fixed it easily, and I installed the latest version of MSI Live Update.

While one can argue that both KISS and Don't fix what ain't broken are very good rules to live by, I like to stay up to date as well. The only thing left now is to download and install more recent videocard drivers. If only the damn download server was faster - Note : it's much faster when downloading through a direct anonymous FTP connection.

If you're looking for a new motherboard anytime soon, check out MSI and their excellent tools for updating drivers and BIOS.

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