All this while it is sunny outside...

I dropped off papers at two addresses today, then drove over to Puldercity to pick up my dads "old" PC because it needs to have a harddrive replaced. I'll be starting work on that soon, although I'm not too sure how to go ahead with it.

If it were a data-drive, there'd be no problem, but it's the disk containing the windows 2000 install, so doing an easy copy/paste seems to be out of the question. I guess that I'll have to mirror the disk completely and then swap the bootsequence (or something like that).

While I thinking about that, I'm making backups of my own machine as well - I picked up 50 blank CD's for the time being and they should last me until I buy myself a DVD writer.

Update : at the rate I'm burning CD's now, they won't last me till the end of the week! I've used 12 so far, and only a few hours have passed. I'm formatting the replacement drive for my dad's PC, after I've copied everything that remained on it, to another drive. 95% of the data was not much use anymore though.

Close up of the machine I'm working on - click for larger image The mirroring and verification process - click for larger image

The mirror process is completed and I've removed the old drive from the case. Everything seems to work fine, the only thing left is to update some programs and then I can return the machine to my dad on sunday. Another task accomplished!

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