Off to bed soon. Just got back from my dads place after he called me around 19h00 to tell me he kinda messed up his PC after upgrading XP Home to XP Professional.

It ran into a snag, and refused to boot into windows later on. They instead installed XP Pro on another drive and then attempted a repair and reinstall of the fucked up version. Nothing worked, so I was called in today.

Took me a few hours to get it reinstalled (it was beyond repair) and get most of his software back onto it. Then Netscape 7.1 refused to install. I reverted to 7.0.1 and that worked. Then got all his old mails back (although he's pretty used to losing all those - it's not the first time he's managed that) and installed the most important things like AV software, GFX soft, Office etc etc.

Had a long talk about some business we might set up and it sounds mighty interesting, although I'm not convinced I'll be able to carry my part in it all. Will need to think and talk with others to see what is required and how to tackle various problems. I'm not a programmer, even though I know something about it. I guess I'll really have to dive into PHP, or focus on the security and automation part instead.

Sleepy. Sleep. Zzzzzz....

Note : Don't upgrade Windows XP Home SP1 to Windows XP Professional without SP1. It could end up in a non working OS.
Note 2 : Oh, update your windows installation with the critical MS04-007 patch. Do it today.

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