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Today has been good so far. If good things keep on happening to me at the current rate, I'll be well off financially, and I should be living in my dream house with a certain lovely someone by the end of this week.

I probably just cursed my luck by writing that, but hey... I'm an optimist. It's kinda funny to see how events from last year have influenced the way I look at things now. I take nothing for granted anymore and whenever the opportunity arises I work on expanding all kinds of buffers to safeguard me in case of hard times. It's been an attitude that I've not regretted so far and it has proven it's merits - so I'll continue working towards it.


the first quarter of the year is doing great for me as well. there's my yearly bonus and merit. and then my tax refund which i'm anxiously waiting for. it was my first time to do my own tax return. how complicated is yours? mine's very simple, 1040EZ!

My tax declarations have been a pain in the ass since the first time I had to do one. I've always either been in the process of buying/selling property, changing employers, employers going bankrupt or breaking up with SO's. This year will be no different as the other years, so I'm getting good at filling out those tax forms.

As long as they keep handing me money back, I'm cool with it :)

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