I just go down to empty my mailbox and there's a letter from the guy responsible for the building in general. He kindly asks us to pay an additional € 150 (about USD175) before the 16th because "some bills got in at the same time and the current savings won't allow them to all be paid". Well, well well...

Sure, things like that can happen, but I'm definitely less than pleased with it! What's it gonna be next time? In december we all (9 households) paid around € 675 to make sure the roof could get fixed, we all still pay € 100 each month for general maintenance and costs, yet the available amount of cash is not enough to take care of bills? It's weird, let me tell you that.

I doubt that he's scamming us or doing less than legal things, but stil, I don't get it. I've been living here for nearly 5 years or so, and my monthly payments have always covered the bills so far, in fact there was always money left. At the end of last year I had paid € 400 more than my expenses were, so I didn't pay for two months to bring it back to only € 200. I know for a fact that others have also paid too much so we should have plenty of extra cash.

Sure, the plumber that's been working on a leak at the end of December needs to be paid too, but I don't accept the fact that he claimed to have fixed it 3 times, yet it kept on leaking. I'll be paying the extra cash, but a note of it has been made and when the time comes to review the bills and expenditures at the end of the year, I'll dig real deep.

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