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Todays has been 'interesting" to say the least. I went over to my dad's place to see if we could find and fix the leaking of water into my car - we took half of the car apart and only could confirm that it sometimes leaked and then suddenly it stopped.

We've sealed off the points we think might have been the culprits, but we were both really stunned by it. It's very bizarre and as you might know, water always finds it's way through things... I've removed most of the carpets and soundproofing material (which was soaked) from the drivers side to let it dry, and I hope to be able to confirm whether or not it's fixed at the first rain - since I live in Belgium, that can't take too long :)

My sister also popped in and later on Nadia also turned up. Had long talks with all of them and dinner as well. Oh, thanks for the work on the car, Dad! I kinda forgot to thank you in all the commotion.

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I think we all agree that Sunday was an 'interesting' day

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