Why so slow? :(

I frigging HATE dns propagation delays. I just upgraded my current web account to stuff one more mySQL database onto it, so I could play around with some scrips that require a database. That went without a hitch, as I just had to send a mail to my hosts support team and within minutes it was added.

Then I proceded to create (yet another) subdomain on one of my main domains to keep all my testing separated from live sites and I installed the script through the control panel. It was a breeze...

I finished the install, logged with the admin account, no problem. In the middle of checking out all the options and changing some of the settings my browser starts complaining the subdomain can't be found anymore. Crap. There I am, stuck again because the DNS changes now first gotta reach my ISP's DNS servers before I'll be actually be able to continue my work. And unfortunately, I *know* that my ISP propably has the lamest DNS updates imaginable.

Oh well... off to work some more on the analyzing portion of the project I suppose.

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