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I just ran into the question "What's on your computer desk right now" at tine's blah blah blog and decided to play along. Prepare for a long list. Remarks : I've started going from left to right, as I sit in front of my screen, and I've not moved things around to reveal things under other things... yeah, it's a bit of a mess.

Set of screwdrivers (small)
Stack of CD's and two boxes of CD's
Address book on top of that
More CD's (boxed this time)
18 DVD's stacked on top of the boxed CD's
Even more CD's, empty jewel cases and a bunch of stickers and trading cards.
Coins, mostly american (from my trip long time ago)
Empty CD spindles, webcam on top of them
Two loudspeakers (flat models) with 17" screen in between.
Two puppets on top of screen (penguin & sheep)
Bunch of pens, markers and notes in front of screen, and a golf ball (?!)
Phone, and mobile phone (not in use anymore, don't even recall code)
Printer (HP LaserJet 6L)
Mice (yeah, I got two attached)
Microphone (unused I think) and compact flash cardreader
Two more stacks of CD's, notes and PHP and MySQL book on top
Bank statements
Project notes
Analog modem, ADSL modem, on top of UPS in need of replacement
Bunch of business cards, car keys

Quite a lot, don't you think? That's actually only the first part of the desk, as it extends itself over the complete length of the room. I won't go into so much detail there though : More notes, Printer (HP DeskJet 610C), visa statements, more CD's (assorted this time and properly filed), desk lamp, huge stack of CT magazine, posters, box of motherboard (empty as in "without motherboard" but with drivers etc in it... I think), light duty outdoor casing with webcam, bunch of bank statements (properly filed etc), number of boxes with forms, contracts and general paperwork, a joystick (hasen't been used in 8 years?), and finally a huge stack of neatly folded and cataloged administrative things.

Let's not go into what's under the desk or stacked against the other wall. I've got a small office/room and too much stuff :)


OMG!! And I though my desk was a mess ;-p

It's not a mess, Tine. It's organised chaos!

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