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I was thinking about taking the car out and do some things that I gotta do anyway, but after taking a look outside, I'll be using public transportation for at least one thing, and walk for another. I'm not risking my set of wheels in this weather unless I really need to.

Damn snow! Damn snow!
Damn snow! Damn snow!

All my friends, family and other peopel I care about : if you gotta go out today, please BE CAREFUL!

Snowy update

Apparently the photo's that I shot from my balcony are not telling everything. When I stepped outside I was really suprised to see how much snow was actually covering the roads and pavements. This was not the typically Belgian 5cm of snow, but rather 15 to 20cm! Instead of heading off to the tramway I decided to check on the car first and clear that of most snow. It even started after a while so I let it run for a few minutes while I plowed myself through more snow. The car is not snow free at all, but at least it's available now in case I decide to use it later today - something I don't plan on doing though.

After chatting with the neighbors for a while and greeting other people in the street as I headed to the tramway, I noticed something very odd : no trams to be seen anywhere. I let my eyes wander over the tracks, or rather the lack thereof : no tram has passed here in the last few hours, while they normally run every 10 minutes. Scratch that plan I guess... I'm home now, gonna do a quick check on the site of the public transportation company to see if they have any announcements, and depending on that, I'll take out the bike or walk my ass off.

The number to call for updates on service availability is not busy, yet rings twice and then is connected with the eternal bitbucket it seems. In other words : get connected, but no answers. The site itself says nothing at all about problems. Off to check the newspaper (online) now to see if they have anything on it.

Yay for snow, not?

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I had the same kind of view from my hotel window yesterday and today.
I hope the Thalys rides on normal schedule and doesn't encounter too many delays on its way to Antwerp.

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