Has anyone seen the american Superbowl? Did you notice Janet (Jackson) and Justin (Timberlake)'s performance where Justin rips off a part of Janets clothing at the end of the song?

Oh my god... it showed her left right breast - with pierced nipple - in front of several million american people, on national television. According to CBS who was broadcasting the show, they received "lots of angry calls" in regard to the incident. The NFL said that MTV - who were responsible for the half-time show - would not be asked to do more work for them in the future.

Now take a look at the clip yourself (DivX5, 1.3MB), and I ask you : "what is all the fuzz about?" All humans have nipples, they serve a few distinct purposes and whether or not you like seeing them, they are a reality. Now get a frigging life and stop being shocked. One nipple on TV causes more controversy as a 100 deaths - talk about bad priorities.

What I find rather "daring" is the fact that Janet chose to wear a spiked nipple shield. If you take a closer look (Overview, closeup) at the size of it (the shield I mean), those spikes don't seem to rest at her skin, in other words : far from a nice tight fit.

Imagine Justin reaching too far under the bra with his fingers and actually pulling both the bra as well as the shield off. Now, that would have been a painful, bloody and unplanned for performance. In order to prevent that, they must have rehearsed the "grab 'n pull" quite a few times to get it right. Good to know : Janets new album is sheduled to appear March 30th.

Oh, and I've replaced my desktop wallpaper with something new that I quickly threw together. You know where to find a link to it, don't you?


you got too excited about the flashing that you forgot to distinguish right brest from the left breast... :-)

Rofl... you're right, it was the right one. Oh well, does it matter?

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