Weird news facts

* Local Muslim leaders in the district of Dyamir, Pakistan, had 7 schools for girls set on fire on saturday. The leaders seemed convinced the foreign charities that founded and funded the schools were against Islam.

"I think you don't like me or my religion, so let's burn things!" I wonder, are there other ways to make even more of an idiot of yourself? I guess not. Instead of fighting education, they should be promoting it. Maybe that's just a little to much to ask from people that consider themselves "leaders"?

* Campaign leader for Howard Dean, Steven Grossman, has announced that unless Dean wins the primaries in Wisconsin tuesday (today), he'll step out and offer his services to John Kerry.

That makes sense, doesn't it? You're a campaign leader for a candidate that manages to lose in all primaries, so you offer your services to the candidate that has won 14 out of 16. Why do you think he'd need a campaign leader with a bad record like yours? He obviously has a good one!
Note : I'm well aware that there is more to it than just campaign leaders, but that is beyond the scope of this post.

* The Departement of Finance has made plans to "abandon" 54 buildings in the province of Antwerp, Belgium. This is only a part of the 272 buildings that would be freed in the country in order to centralise services and personnel. "This is a one time operation to get extra funds" seems to be the underlying reason. However, renting new centralised buildings would "eat" the income of this operation entirely within 8 years.

And those idiots are allowed to run the financial operations of a country? No wonder we've got a deficit of 265.08 billion euro for only 10 million inhabitants in Belgium. Every single living human over here carries a debt of € 26.508 - from the day you are born.

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