In a few hours I gotta be at a meeting with Hilda and Dimi, so I guess I'll better head off to bed, but I don't wanna leave you all neglected. Here are some fun links for your enjoyement :

Anorexic Robot, More Penguin bashing and Find the ball (in japanese).


Oh lord, the anorexic robot was freaking hilarious. Does the penguin ever stop bouncing after you hit it? Elise wouldn't let me wait long enough to find out...

Yeah it stops... after a loooong time. I actually went to bed an when I got up this morning it was bounced out, at 11047.5 or something like that.

Damn kids, always so impatient :p

mmm... I'm currently waiting for it to stop bouncing.. well, I'll be at work till 6pm... i'm curious

wow... it stopped already... 10231,9
and that stupid ball game! i found them all except the 8th one >.<

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