This was my day

The computer fair itself was nice, but not really interesting. The DVD writer I was looking for was totally unavailable - only the previous Benq model was being sold - so I didn't get one. There were lotsa other drives available though, but I didn't budge : I want that Benq DW800A.

I did get myself a nice Sandisk Cruzer Mini though, which holds a nice 256MB of data and is powered by USB 2.0 (1.1 compatible). I've been wanting such a handy device for a long time, especially as it'll help me move data around quickly when needed, and help me out when I need to transfer data between two systems and no network or cd-writer is available.

After the fair I dropped off my dad at his car, and then Joco and I headed off to his place where we hung around, had dinner and watched "24". A good time was had by all I think, and little Alex completely crashed in his bed because we played with him quite a lot. I love that kiddo...

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