OMG - Nipple searching websurfers!

I wake up this morning - those guys are still working on replacing the roof, so I can forget a quiet snooze in bed - and log on. I check the site stats. 58 hits so far.

I continue my morning routine and then I rub my eyes. Look at stats again. What? Impossible! It seems the search engines have picked up my Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake halftime performance on the recent Superbowl post that I made 2 days ago. And there are lots of people out there looking for "information" about the "clothing malfunction", the pierced nipple with the nipple shield.

In fact there are so much people looking for it that I'll gently point them to the close ups and video files I put online in the original post - it'll save them some time looking for the correct content :

Whahaha! (aka Janet shows pierced nipple on Superbowl)

Luckily my hosting allows for this kind of extravagant increases in traffic.

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