Naked and dripping wet


is how I'm currently standing at my PC. I just got into the shower when someone tried reaching me on the phone. While I do posess a cordless phone, it is hardly waterproof so I didn't try taking it into the shower with me. I jumped out, grabbed a towel and ran over to my office to get the phone. It seems like Murphy was awake already : fractions of a second before I picked it up, it stopped ringing.

Drip drip, wet wet. Don't call me this early, and especially not while I'm showering, unless your name is Little Wabbit and you're calling to tell me you're coming over to shower with me.


So let me get this straight:
1) You are in the shower and hear the phone ringing.
2) You jump out of the shower, snap on a towel to answer the phone but are just to late
3) And then, instead of jumping back in the shower, you write a post on your blog.


Erm... yes. What's so weird about it? I didn't snap on a towel btw... I grabbed one to put under my feet to prevent the floor from getting too wet :p

give us some pics then so we can picture the scene - its all very confusing.

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