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Went to the bank to get them all the data they needed for the wire transfer to Canada, and if all goes as planned, my prints should be shipped early next week, and then arrive within 4-5 days. Nice.

Fixed the ocCommerce installation, and managed to get one of the modules running, although only partially. For some reason unknown to me, it refuses to load the proper CSS, which makes the site look real bad when the module is enabled. The more I play with the installation, the more I see it's strong points and how versatile it is, but also how much of a mess it is to change simple things.

if you want to change 1 character, you gotta dive into templates and code, and if you want to enable,disable or change a function even slightly, you're manually editing at least 2,3 or even more templates. While Dimi and I might be able to get the hang of it in the long run, this probably also means that no one else can dive in to change something in case of emergency. While those situations shouldn't occur at all, everyone knows Murphy, right?

I might be checking out the computer fair tomorrow or on sunday, depending on whether or not other people feel like going as well. I mailed Jess, Joco and my dad, but neither of them have replied at this point. It wouldn't suprise me that the skynet mail server is crapping out again...

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Hi Jerry, looking for shopsoftware, have a look at Sshopfactory it even allows for software program downloading after payment.
Payment solutions in Belgium? Ogone so do a reverse check, which shopsoftware is compatible with Ogone ! Paypall as long there is no actual office in Belgium watch out ! Money tranfers from Paypal to your normal account is very very expensive. They walk with your profits.
Although we are speaking of 1 Europe, you still need zillions of bankaccounts to accept money from foreign countries. Forget COD, minumum shipping costs are over 30 euro.
If any questions you know where we are.
How are your wheels BTW ?


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