Maintenance Notice - Optimizing MT install

I'm working on various parts of the back-end of this blog. It has both become sluggish in commenting, updating and rebuilding and when I logged into it with FTP today, it was unable to show me all archive files due to the mass of them.

I've started moving the archives around and ordering them in dirs per year to make (and keep) things more manageable as it was quickly getting out of hand. Expect some things to be broken over the next hour(s) while I work my way through everything and determine what has to remain, move or can be deleted.

After some hard thinking I decided to move the monthly and daily archives into a structure like this :

%Y/Monthly/%Y_%m.html (for monthly archives)
%Y/%m/Daily/%Y_%m_%d.html (for daily archives, d'uh)

This seems be a good mixture to easily distinguish archives, yet don't go too far with splitting things out. I've also removed 1595 individual entry files that were - as far as I can tell - no longer used. Instead of deleting them, I rar'ed them and stuck them in a temporary directory for the time being.

Stand by for a complete rebuild! Some quick calculations tell me that I've saved about 15MB in space, which is definitely not bad.

[They're coming down seems like an appropriate lyrics excerpt from the Front 242 track W.Y.H.I.W.Y.G to go with this entry, don't you think?]

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