Long meeting

but we did good work I think. I arrived a few minutes past 9h30 and Dimi showed up around 10, so we were in full meeting mode at 10h05. We had lots of things to check, anamyze, double check and rethink.

As we all kinda suspected, there were some flaws in our initial business plan and way of handling things. Around 12h00 we took a break - Hilda made some fine pancakes - to talk about something else for a while. Around 1PM we moved back to our meeting table to rethink and look into more details. It was something like 14h30 (or even 15h30?) when we called it a day.

Did we solve specific problems today? Probably not, although we checked all kinds of possibilities to see what could work, won't work, or might work. After getting that analysis out of the way, we can now define the technical issues and requirements to put out what we need. Now the real work starts, although analyzing workflows and shopping routes is hard work too, let there be no mistake about it.

My mission - should I decide to accept it - is to :

- look into and create a working solution for online server based PDF creation, combined with on-the-fly data insertion that is pulled from a database.
- compare and shortlist a number of online payment systems, bank transfers and get an idea about their pro's and con's, as well as the requirements, and fees.
- test the electronic download module when combined with manual money transfers, to understand the details of every step, and test it's viability.

It sounds like nothing, but I'm sure I'll run into a lot of snags that are not expected. Luckily enough I've got the WWW to look for existing solutions, reviews and suggestions.

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