I got up kinda early and after checking mail, sites and some other things, I set out to do some chores I could (should?) have done long time ago. I went over to Hubo, got myself a pair of new windshieldwipers for the car (and I already installed them), and a better cilinder profile to go over the lock on my door.

I replaced the old - and worthless one - with something that'll at least stop anyone from forcing the cilinder to break in order to gain entrance to the appartement. Not that there was any reason or cause to do it now, but ever since I took that security course in 2002, it's been bothering me to know how it should be, yet still be stuck with a - security wise - worthless setup. So that's fixed today.

I also got myself a new TL lamp coz I think the one in my computer room is about to fail any moment. I'd rather have a spare laying around instead of cursing and being forced to spend a lot of time here with bad lighting.

Good news : on monday evening I get to babysit (not so little anymore) Alex, yay!

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