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Heiko Hebig wrote this on January 24th :

Please, can someone explain to me why 90 per cent of all females in social network communities are "committed", "in a relationship" or "married"? That's no fun, girls. Can we have a social network for, uhm, people without friends? Not like that would lead to anything... well, you get my point.

Well, this brings up another point : where the hell do you go to meet someone, being a Geek yourself? You either meet them at a non-Geek event and you'll probably end up chasing them away, or bore them to death, or you meet them at a Geek event, where the male to female ratio with some certainty is 100:1, and then - providing you come in contact with a compatible unit - you do Geeky things, but romance or something like that is far, far away.

Geeks power and advance technology, but they will become (or already are) the dinosaurs of society - soon to be extinct. What consequences are there for society as a whole, should the Geek species be wiped of the face of the earth?

If we agree to the statement that Geeks power and create advancement in technology, the disappearance of Geeks will slow down technological advancements to a crawl, or even to a grinding halt. Technologies that humanity needs to save itself as the general population keeps on expanding. This leaves us with two options :

1. over the next 25 years the world population stays equal or starts to shrink,
2. population expands at a much faster rate as technological solutions, resulting in the demise of mankind until a new balance has been reached.

So unless Geeks are accepted as a part of society, and they have the option to procreate and produce new Geek units, only option 1 seems possible. If you - non-Geek - want to have kids some day, expand your family and give them a "good" life, make sure your friendly neighborhood Geek is accepted and has sex - preferably plenty of it.

Save the world - have sex with Geeks!

Female applicants should send me an e-mail with the following data : age, IQ, mention one recent event that you found interesting and explain why (science, political, social, personal, it doesn't matter).


While I joke about being a geek I don't really buy into the whole geek stereotype. but then I hate stereotypes in general and have always found them to be flawed. Technically I'm a geek because my computer and the internet are my main hobbies and it's something I put a lot of thought and time into. But I'm socioable and outgoing and good with people and don't work in any kind of tech field. Technically Boyd is a geek because he is a softwear engineer, he makes web based programes for a living. But he's also sociable and outgoing, plus is majorly sporty and doesn't do any kind of internet type stuff in his spare time. Neither of us have problems making friends and we found each other easily enough, yet we are both very open about our geekyness and all our friends know about our love of computers. We don't get judged for it but at the same time it's not our whole lives.

Then there are the people he works with. Some of them should most definitely be geeks. They work long hours then go home and play games. They do no physical exercise and have no outside interests. But they are all also friendly, some ar outgoing. To get a ahead in any job now a days you need people skills and even the most geeky ones have them. Plus they have friends and most of them are in relationships, some with other computer people, some not. The old sterotype of the computer nerd who can't relate to people isn't what I have found the modern day geek to be. There are still people like that, but no more than there ever were.

I think anyone who is so obsessed by their computer that they have no other interests or outside life is missing balance, and really needs to get it back. And yes, if your life is so out of kilter that you are only interested in one thing or you forget how to relate to real people then generally you will stay alone. That's not a geek thing though, just generally pathetic.

But I don't see that in your blog Jerry, you have friends who you socalise with, you do your soccer thing, you babble about other topics. So computers are important too, if you don't let them take over your life then there should be no problem.

Personally I like that I can talk code with Boyd. But I also like that I can take him out with my non-computer friends without boring them and that we do outside-type stuff together and that we can talk about all kinds of other things that interest us.

I'm not sure if I was actually going anywhere with this and I can't be bothered reading back over to try and make it make sense :D

rofl... now I'm a pathetic geek, phew ;)

It's not an email, but it'll do...

On Saturday, I gave out 600 samples of cake within 4 hours time. One guy came back for samples FIVE times. He annoyed me. I find it interesting to see which types of people try to scam more than one sample out of you. People watching is fun...

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