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Just got a call from Jess, giving me some info in regard to stock she investigated and thinks is interesting. I've taken a look myself, but I don't think I'll be putting any cash into stock right now. I've been going for funds lately, because they are more diverse and grow slower by cutting out the high risk factors. I know you can't ever be certain but still...

More good news : Ecopower and SPE got the environmental approval for the installation and operation of 11 windmills in the harbor of Ghent - and theoretically there's space for another 80, although 40 would be very welcome and more realistic. Ecopower has a 20% share in this project, so when the windmills are built and renewable energy is flowing in, they'll have more than doubled their production capacity.

Current (wind based) production facilities : 4.2MW

Lijdijk and Verheylegat are Enercon E66/70 mills (1.8MW)
Honderdbunder (Zandvleuge) is an Enercon E-44 mill (600kW)

Projected additional (wind based) production facilities at the start of 2005 :

20% of 11 (2MW) mills in Ghent harbor : 4.4MW

Although getting the environmental approval is only a first step in a long process, it is a very crucial step that has to be taken. Now they can hopefully get the building permits soon so construction can commence!

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Some stock, we talked about, are mine now !!

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