DVD here I come!

I've been doing some looking into DVD recorders, so that I can back up my data in a more manageable way. CD's still work quite fine, but some things are getting so huge that DVD's will be better.

I've always been in love with Plextor cd-writers (after the Philips disaster that my first cd-writer turned out to be) and I was seriously thinking of getting the Plextor PX-708A, just because I know Plextor drives kick ass, although they are a bit more expensive, they always deliver and they have a great firmware and support cycle.

Luckily for me, the latest C'T Magazine had a test of 8x DVD writers, and it arrived just in time, as I'll be going to a computer fair tomorrow (joined by Joco and my dad). In that test, the Plextor drive tested very well, but it performed very weak when it came to error correction on damaged disks. And we all know that it doesn't take long to have a disk with a scratch, fingerprints all over it etc.

I read the complete test a few times and made up my mind : it'll be the Benq DW800A - the tests were great, it's resonably cheap, and at the end of January Benq released a new firmware version that makes the drive also do 2x DVD-R and DVD-RW instead of only DVD+R/DVD+RW. Some more digging on the web revealed more Benq DW800A tests (with more recent firmware as in the C'T test) and reports were still good.

Let's just hope I'll be able to find it tomorrow.

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