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I've gotten quite a lot of domain names over the past years. Today I decided to start dropping some. I just renewed 15 domains, and decided to drop at least 9 others in the .com, .net and .org TLD's. I just can't keep on renewing domains that I don't intend to develop or sell anytime soon.


ironically, i've been wanting to get a very cheap domain for myself.

I could give you a list of names that I'll be releasing soon. Get in touch if you feel like taking a look.

Hi, nice blog. I liked!
I still dont know where you are from...
cheers from Brazil

I'm from Europe, Belgium :)

i cant get ahold of you in your email, it keeps bouncing back. but anyways. i'm all new to domain names since i've never done it before. i am thinking of registering a domain name through, let me know if this is a good choice. and also, do i need a dns service? can i get somewhere like that for free? or a workaround or something? Thanks! you know where to reach me!

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