Did MS04-004 break your SSL?

Have you been a good surfer and updated/patched your IE6 browser with the critical MS04-004 (832894) cumulative patch that was released february 2nd?

Well, have you tried accessing SSL protected sites since that day? Have you experienced problems accessing shopping carts, checkout pages or secured sites? Search no further : MS04-004/832894 changed the way IE resends data to a website when the initial connection request was closed or reset. You might as well see this happening in other applications that rely on the wininet functions from IE, and believe me... lots of 3rd party applications use those.

Check out KB831167 at the Microsoft site to find a cure/fix/patch. Products affected :

Internet Explorer 6 SP1 (version 6.00.2800.1106) on one of the following versions of Windows : Windows XP SP1 - Windows XP 64-Bit Edition SP1 - Windows XP - Windows 2000 SP2/3/4 - Windows NT Workstation, Server, and Terminal Server Edition 4.0 SP6a - Windows 98 and 98SE - Windows Millennium Edition.

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