Been working on replacing and transferring data from an old machine to a new one all day long, then drove home, shopped and answered yet another support call on the phone that rang just as I got in. It seems to be a "phoney" day today!

Also got a call from my granny stating that I had to meet her tomorrow at 11, so I called Eef to see when she needed a ride from her place to the garage, and if possible at all, I'd like to tackle some osCommerce problems today as well.

So far I've had no time at all to work on those, but as I hope to have a meeting about the project somewhere next week, I better see if I can get some things fixed or at least analyzed properly. There are still a few things unclear in the "business plan" that I need to understand completely before I can - hopefully - translate it into a good technical setup. When I went to bed last night there were some ideas floating around in my restless brain, but I forgot to write them down :(

I'll make sure I've got pen and paper nearby when I go to bed tonight.

Note : I really need a manager that takes care of billing customers for my services. I'm an idiot to work 6 hours for € 50,- ain't I?


Lol. I'll start reading Covey first and see if it can teach this old dog new tricks.

YES, you are an idiot :-)

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