Blah blah blah, no sex.


Sorry to disappoint you, but the background wasn't as "exciting" as one might have hoped. In fact it was a photo of her mother and her new boyfriend. Hubby didn't like it too much, so I was called in to get rid of them - well, background wise I mean.

As I was there I had to do some other checks, cleaned the PC of spyware, updated on patches and virus signatures etc. The full maintenance run, you know. As I was going through pictures on the PC because we were looking for a specific one she said "just browse through them all, there are no sex photographs of us/me in there" - you think I should have given a witty reply like : "so, then where do you keep them?" or "let me go grab my camera and let's get nasty..." or maybe even "video is so much better these days".

Ah, maybe I should have. Who knows to what it might have lead :p

I'm off to Joco's tonight for a friendly visit as it's been a while since I've seen him. He's been quite busy and when I called him two weeks ago he wasn't home, on friday I was at soccer competition but he wasn't due to a injured shoulder, and we just seem to keep on missing each other. It's not like I've been avoiding him, but things just didn't syncronise.


It's sad when people can't even change the settings on the thing.

Well... it wasn't that easy. The background when they were logged in was OK, but before they were presented with their login screen, the background always switched to the "Granny" one.

I suspect that the youngest son once avoided the login and set another background, resulting in that one showing when they were not yet logged in, and then switching to the good one once they were. The same thing happened when they logged out.

I had me wondering for a few minutes too, but I got creative and solved it :)

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