Bird transforms into Fox


After having Mozilla (the full suite), Mozilla Firebird (the standalone browser) and Thunderbird (the mail client), things are changing. Today version 0.8 of Mozilla Firebird was released and baptised "Firefox". This was - according to the press release - done to avoid confusion with other OSS projects.

I don't care how they call it, as long as it works - I'm off to install the new, foxy application. The Mozilla Firefox product page can be found here : Mozilla Firefox - the next generation browser. Please note that downloading can be a bit of a hassle right now, as the page is flooded with requests for the latest version.

I had more success by using an FTP client and logging in to the FTP server ( right away.


I had better luck with the FTP server too.

Although, to be honest, I've never been happy with Mozilla / Netscape / Firebird / whatever ... I found myself back with IE (and now, Avant, which uses IE)

I know, and I agree that it (for a very large part) comes down to personal preferences. I guess that because I've been an alternative browser user since as long as I can remember, it comes pretty natural to me. Sure, the GUI of IE and the alternatives is quite different and takes some time to get used to, but once I passed that horde, I've not gone back.

I've used Netscape up to version 4.08 and then the beta of 6 was so crappy that I went looking for something else. I switched to Opera for about a year or so. Then I learned about Mozilla and I kept Opera as a backup (and IE as the backup of the backup) and I used that for the next few years. At some point, I got to know Firebird so I gave that one a test drive too. It was nice, fast and I used it next (about 40/60) to Mozilla. Then firebird crashed after I messed around with some software on my system and I uninstalled it.

I skipped version 0.7 of Firebird, but now couldn't resist the Firefox 0.8 release. I think I'll keep Mozilla 1.6 as my main browser for some more time untill I get a good feel about Firefox (and have it customised to perform as I like) and then, who knows...

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