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I just got back from puldercity where a good and enjoyable evening was had - the one thing missing was Dimi, Jess & Johan for a full family reunion. As promised, I cooked and even though some people were not too enthousiastic at first, they all told me that they liked the food quite a lot. Those things please me :)

We worked at the car, hopefully managed to seal off the rear light (after three attempts) but only time will tell I suppose. I've taken my dads suggestion and took out the carpet in the trunk to put it in the garage so it can dry. If the trunk remains dry, that's one less thing to worry about.

We also fixed the steeringwheel that was a bit strange (also three tries to get that straightened out) and looked at the water problem in the front, but so far, that remains a mystery. First signs show no leakage of the heating installation, although I'll have to check water levels over the next days to confirm. The problem is of course, that if that ain't the cause, what is?

Two steps forward (rear light and steeringwheel), so we had to take one step back : as a serious storm developed over Belgium, windspeeds really picked up. While we were inside we suddenly heard some sounds that weren't normal. That low heavy duty plastic garden chair that was "parked" on the terrace, got scooped up by strong wind, and thrown down... right onto the hood of my beautiful car :(

Three (are you seeing a similarity here?) dents in my car hood and one garden chair that is ready to be thrown onto a pile of garbage.

Car vs Garden Chair : 1 - 0

Of course both Bob and Hilda were very sorry that it happened, but they shouldn't worry about it. Shit happens and if it were a 15 day old car, I'd mind. But for a 15 year old car that only should take me from point A to point B in a reliable and dry way, I don't give a damn. The paint ain't scratched, it's just dents. No chance for rust developing there, so what's the problem?


Mixed feelings: I still feel sorry for the dents in your car + I loved your cooking, the food was delicious!

Thank God the chair didn't land on your head lol
I'm glad they liked the food, you are going to become a real gourmet cook someday

Hey buddy, Sorry for not beeing there this time, but I'll sure be next time !!

Good to know you are a good chef !

Also sorry to hear about your car, but knowing you these problems will be out of the way soon.

Also want to point out this, you guys are my best friends & family ! We'll soon meet again :)


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