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It's snowing again! Not much though, but it is snow. I slept in later than I was planning to do (got up around 10h15 instead of 08h15) so I now have to move my ass into gear and start coding things. When I take a break from that I can reply to some mails concerning another project, and check my snail mail.

Just got a reply from Jerome about my prints, but it seems the wiretransfer I did on friday still hasn't arrived in his account. I don't get it, it's all electronic money anyway, so why does it take over 3 days to subtract some figures from my account and add them up in his? Wait... the subtraction part worked fine, that was almost instant. So what frigging bank is holding my/his cash for a few days in order to make even more profit? Capitalist pigs :p


hmmm we have sunshine in Hasselt :) I'm waiting for the clouds to drop some snow down on my roof

It's sunny here as well now, and the snow only lasted for 20 minutes or even less. I don't think we'll have a real winter this year.

Funny, it's been snowing almost all day here in Amsterdam.

Re. bank holding in your money. That's what banks are for.


I agree. But not when I tell my bank to give some of my money to someone else.

Apparently almost the whole family has been on your site today. Me too, thanks to Nadia's pc. Thanks Nadia. I'll install my own in a few minutes. If I don't come back the installation failed !! ;-)

I'm back !!!

Good to hear everyone is back online :)

No problem Jess, I told you you could use it anytime.

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