A new world order!

I just finished watching The Messenger : The Story of Jeanne D'arc (aka Joan of Arc), starring the incredible Milla Jovovich as Jeanne. Wonderful movie, that must say. I bet that when you see it in a theatre it's even more impressive as it was on my small TV.

Certain images and shots of Milla reminded me of Tanja Dexters, a babe that really appeals to me. She's got a certain look that I totally dig so to say. Well, Milla had that same something in Jeanne D'arc sometimes.

Apart from that, the movie and story is quite interesting to say the least and one thing has become quite clear to me : the one who controls religion, controls people. After all, religion is nothing but a tool to have people do what you want them to do, as there is no objection possible, unless you can to be cast out of whatever you think you're part of.

If you think for yourself and are a true believer in yourself instead of some shady character that exists only in myths and legends, and to whom various prophecies are attributed, you are far more dangerous to those seeking the power to rule the world than anything else. Because you (can) see past all the fabrications, facts and spins - something they'll try to avoid at all times.

Mark my words : this world is heading for a new war of the religions, whether it'll be Islam versus Christianity, Christianity versus Judaism, Hinduism versus Taosim, or Buddhism versus something else. It doesn't really matter. Free thinkers will always be a thorn in the side of those who aim to use religion as a tool for world domination.

Preparations have been going on for quite a while and you should have noticed that instead of moving people together, everything and most people move more to the extremes, leaving no more room for negotiation or even acceptance of other ideas. You're either for or against, there is no more middle ground and reason.

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