1 down, 1 to go

Just got back from a quick check at the car. The newspapers that I put in the trunk to spot more water leaking in have been dry for over 24 hours now. I think it would be safe to assume that's solved. The drivers seat leak isn't though.

As I last used the car on sunday around noon, it's now been parked for nearly 48 hours, which pretty much rules out water from the road splashing in when driving to cause the carpet on the floor to be wet all the time. I just replaced the newspapers there, they were still soaking. This must mean the water is flowing in from elsewhere. When I checked the levels of coolant in the heating system yesterday, they seemed lower than they were on saturday. When I checked today, they are about the same, but it's hard to tell coz there is less of a reference point now.

I think I'll fill the system up and then take the car for a drive tomorrow - I've got things to do anyway. Then check back on thursday and when they've lowered again, I think I can make a rather final conclusion.

No replies to (any of) my applications yet. Mailman : stop hiding my letters!

When I woke there was lots of noise outside and it's been continuing since 9 am or so. They started replacing the roof on the apartement building I live in. Finally, I'd say as it was scheduled for early january instead of februari. It seems this entry is about nothing but leaks and water, doesn't it?

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