Virus/Worm Outbreak

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I've gotten this info independently from two people that work for an international anti-virus company, and if they yell fire, you better be certain something is going on. Right now the new virus is not yet picked up by virusscanner - I've checked various AV sites - although it is out there and spreading. For the moment it's being referred to as MyDoom, My.Doom or someting like that. As I said, info is pretty scarce.

Keep you scanners up to date and in the mean time, don't open or run attachments you didn't ask for!

Some details (as posted on

It seems to travel as a file called documents.exe.scr or something similar, also in a ZIP file sometimes.

This actually arrived at my home machine before I even knew it was spreading. My file name was, and inside is documents.htm.scr

Be smart people, and beware!

Update : a virus signature is now available for most virusscanners, and the virus is referred to as W32/MyDoom-A, with aliases Mimail.R, Novarg.A, Shimg, [email protected], W32/[email protected]

Story also on ZDNet : New virus hitting inboxes

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There is an IDE out now, and an analysis, check my more recent entry.

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