Their Doom, not mine

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It's funny... the Novarg/MyDoom virus that is apparently doing the rounds hasn't hit me yet. I recall the SoBig worm/virus that struck last year : within minutes after I learned about it's existence, I was hammered with copies of it in my mailboxes. MyDoom seems to try to avoid me though, as I've not yet received any notice from my ISP's AV solution either which leads me to believe that no copy of it yet has even tried to reach me - bizarre.

When I checked the site today, they finally picked up on the new virus and had an advisory up. It took them about 11 hours to do so, which if you ask me, is way too long for a site that claims to deliver emergency warnings about computer virusses.

Sure, it's better than nothing and I suppose it serves it's purpose for those that are slower than a turtle to know about these things, but if you know that the Novarg/MyDoom virus can send out several infected mails per minute using it's own smtp engine, it doesn't take a scientist to do the math : 11 hours = 660 minutes. Even at only 1 mail per minute - although this virus might be able to send out a tenfold every 30 seconds - this allows 1 infected machine to potentially infect 660 others.

When I write this, desinfection tools are already available, in addition to signature updates that I mentioned before. Before you read your mail, update your virusscanner.

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Q told me that within 45 minutes of launching Mydoom, one anti-virus company tracked down 3,800 infected computers, so it's been a success. Q also said that they were attacking linux or something (don't get geeky with me ;) and actually managed to close down a site.

we received over 50 (mydoom) emails this morning but we're always over-cautious about opening emails and check them out first before opening them. there are some weird people out there - good luck with your fight against the spammer/s.

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