Sweet, no sweat


I just got back in one piece. Been on the road for about 5 hours just to get my insurance fixed (although I did some other things too) but it was worth.

Hopped on a tram to the center of Antwerp, then onto a bus a few minutes after I arrived which got me into walking distance of my destination. I had copies made of my drivers license, my ID card and they'd handle the application for license plates (which saves me from trying to get to the people that handle that, as well as the post office to pick up special tax stamps) and I was back out in under 10 minutes.

Back onto the bus, and when I got back to Antwerp I decided to first get some food - non-healthy though - before I finally would enter Media Markt for the first time. Going by reviews from friends the place is cheap and then have everything, and it turned out to be true. Definitely not a place where I should spend too much time, or I'd be coming home with lotsa stuff. I did control myself quite well and only got what I needed : a birthday gift for my sister. If you read this sis, I'll have it with me next time we meet, or feel free to come pick it up!

I just got a call from the insurance company that I talked to on friday and they told me that they couldn't get data from the leasing company, and thus had no history about me. Without history, no insurance. Suits me fine, especially since I got a very very nice deal (BM 02 anyone?) at the place I'm insured now, and no questions asked.

Sure, it cost me about 10 euro and 4 hours of my time, but for a yearly price difference in my favor of about 200 - 250 euro, I don't mind :)


Congrats by fixing your insurance, Jerry. Hopefully you pop in once now you can drive!!!!!

To that I can only reply : WTF? How did she end up here?

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