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I've been using the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer for the past 3, maybe even 4 years and I've loced it from day one. It's a slightly large unit so for people with tiny hands it could be a problem, but not for me. However, over the past days it's been behanving erractically.

At the most inconvenient times it decides to disconnect itself from the USB connection, and then power back on a few seconds later and reconnect, restoring functionality. Quite irritating if you ask me, especially because there seems to be no cause and effect relation. It sometimes happens when I'm moving it around, sometimes when it's not in use at all. Anyway, as long as it powers back up afterwards, I don't mind if that much - it's just a slight interruption that pisses me off, but nothing more.

However, I'd say that in about 20% of the cases, the unit powers down and remains down. I don't get the USB disconnect/reconnect audio warning, it just seems to die and remain that way. The only solution is to either sit and wait for it to come back - something that can take everywhere from 10 seconds to minutes, even hours - or to pull the USB cable and reinsert it. Both solutions are a pain in the ass I must say. That's the reason why I hooked up a spare USB mouse to my USB hub - if the IntelliMouse dies on me, I just move my hand slightly and continue working with the replacement rodent.

Mind you, all of this is occuring with a unit that is at least 3 or 4 years old, and has been used extensively. I suppose that my choice to stick with the MS product is a clear indication of how good it actually is, even if it fucks up every now and then. Maybe it would be time to get a new one?

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I have two logitech cordless mouseman opticals, and apart from needing batteries fairly frequently (every other month or so), they have very heavy use and I;ve never had a day of issue with them.

Hell, I even have a ball logitech usb mouse that works as well as the day I got it, which is about 6 years ago now.

Any MS mouse I have had has died, or been erratic after a few months to a year.

Your comment box keeps losing my details *pout*.

I have a microsoft cordless mouse, mainly because of the size and shape. It's big and straight and flat and kinda wide. Small mice are evil, nasty, OOS-inducing things and I don't know why anyone sells them. But they are everywhere these days so I have had to resort to bloody Microsoft. I've had mine two years and it still goes fine, but I have known people with the optical ones (which I assume yours is?) and they all had to get new ones sometime around the 3-4 year mark. Don't go cordless though, not with Microsoft anyway. I have to replace the batteries at least once a fortnight, often once a week. Same goes for everyone else I know with this model. I have two sets of rechargables but it's still a huge pain in the arse. Plus the damn thing was like five times what I normally pay for a mouse *pout*. Still, my arm and hand don't hurt when I use it so I'll probably get the same when this one dies.

I've heard very good things about logitech. I wish they made a mouse of the right size and shape for me. It's not like I have unusual hands or anything.

I've used all kinds of mice before and never really cared until I got my hands on this - indeed optical - MS mouse. I wouldn't want anything else now.

Apparently there has been a sort of a "concealed" recall program for the MS intelliMouse but as far as I was able to confirm only in the USA and when under warranty. Since I got mine over 3 years ago (it might actually be 4, who knows) there's no chance I'll find the receipt anywhere.

Oh... wireless : no thanks. Eats batteries and I really don't mind the cable, the place is crawling with those anyway.

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