I just managed to delete a mail that was important. Actually, I managed to tag it for deletion although it was whitelisted in MailWasher Pro, then I cleared the history of POPFile - where I also could have retrieved it - so the lesson to be learned here is simple : 2 preview screens and one backup system cannot prevent a distracted operator.

Kenny, could you resend that last mail please? (Got it, thanks!)

I went shopping - sales have started - and managed to get myself 3 new pants, and a belt. I'm not totally pleased with the pants 'coz they never seem to have my size in the cool stuff, but they'll do. I also picked up a toner cartridge for that HP LaserJet 6L that had been standing around here for over two years, damn those things are expensive!

To make some room on my desk, I removed the old Trust 9600 scanner (since it didn't work on XP anyway) and while I was under my desk I found 2 power adaptors for things that don't seem to be present or used anymore. One of them was a UK power adaptor for a very old digital camera that I probably threw away a few months ago, and then there was a wireless headphone set that only was used to gather dust. I noticed an unused network cable as well - probably had it around because I was doing some testing - so I got that out of the cable mess too.

The LasterJet works fine after printing 5 test pages, and removing a piece of paper that probably got stuck in there 5 years ago.

I also picked up some blank CD's to backup some things, because some of my drives are definitely overloaded : less than 1% free space on a 20GB disk, that's what I call over the top.


HP LaserJet 6L ?
After 2 years ...
and i told you 2 years ago : do you need a toner ?
i know where that printer comes from i think

HP 6L - that was what I called a printer, not one of those silly plastic things you can buy for 50 bucks today that break when you dare to print more than 2 pages a day... *g*

Yeah Joco, I think you do ;)

Bjoern : yepz, nice printer and much better as the Deskjet series from HP.

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