Just got home from a very fun X-mas party at my dad and Hilda's place. Going by the amount of smiles, expressions of joy and similar things, I think everyone had a lot of fun! A slightly larger update tomorrow probably, after I've had some sleep.

Photo's will be placed in the FK Gallery when I get them myself - I forgot my own camera, typical.

Fun, fun, fun, what else can I say? Oh, and a lot of booze, but we can have fun without booze as well, let that be clear.


Merry Christmas to you and I'm looking forward to the pictures :-)

I'm putting my pics on the ftp tonight. I'll inform you by mail when they're up. I don't know if Dimi's done anything with his yet.
I had lots of fun too and thanks again for the great presents (even though you threatened to "forget" them :p )

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