I'm up and awake - these two conditions are not always connected - early today, although I had a very hard time falling asleep last night. My condition seems to be improving, if you consider the flow of snot being diminished to a small stream every now and replaced by a sore throat an improvement. A few more days and I'll probably suffer from infected lungs, followed by racekak and spetterpoep (slang for a common spray-the-place-diarrhea) and after that I'll be fine again. I hope.

So, why am I up this early? I haven't got a frigging clue to be honest but the weather looks fine though a bit on the cold side, but clear and dry nonetheless. Has that even influenced my decision to get up early, I doubt it. It was just something I felt like mentioning - you know, make conversation and stuff.

I'm off to sniff snot, cough as if I'm dying and do some work that has been pushed back this weekend thanks to the lousy state I've been in.

If this entry ain't cool enough for you, undress and step outside. You'll have enough cool for the both of us in a matter of seconds. Chill people - FK out.

[Listening to "DJ Testosterone - u shook me all n8 long", and downloading two new mixes from her spot at Anal0g]


hehe spetterpoep LMAO.

Ah, you think that's funny? I don't! ;)

flying shit

But it's warm and humid outside. I'm cooler sitting in here with my clothes on.

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