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I probably am, and people that know might quite possibly agree that I often have more than one loose screw - but it doesn't seem to hinder me a lot.

So, why the obvious title? Because I just downloaded the Expedition Robinson 2004 contender application form and filled it out. Tomorrow I'm gonna write a page long explenation why they should pick me, and on monday I'll send it all off by mail.

Am I a robinson? Who knows, but it is certainly something I am more than willing to give a shot - worst case scenario, I don't even make it to the selections - best case scenario, I get on those islands and meet myself. Now that I think of it... that certainly is a scary thought!

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you nuts ?
you hqve more chance finding q woman in a pub as on an island: but anyway: this triggers me!
i think this is the best chance to get to know yourself!

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