MS Office replacement?

I just downloaded and installed OpenOffice 1.1.0 on my box here, to see how userfriendly and easy it is to use after having worked with the MS Office suite most of my life. Sure, back in the days there also was WP5.x or something alike, but that is actually prehistoric now.

Installation was pretty easy, no hassle and swiftly. I opted not to change the way files are handled for now, so .doc documents are still launched by MS Word, although I can send them to OO as well. Did a quick test with opening some documents in Write (the OO version of Word) and it seems pretty easy to get used to.

I might play around with it more in the future, although I hardly use the Office suite much - most of my quick and easy notes are done in a notepad replacement called Metapad. I've blogged about Metapad before, if you want a review or a link, search this blog, or google for it.

I'm especially interested in installing a bunch of dictionaries in various languages in OO, as I find myself in a bit of a bad spot when it comes to editing/correcting and writing pieces in other languages.

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