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I've just done some maintenance on three sites, because of a security issue that was found in MT2.64 - they've all be upgraded to MT2.65 now. See the post from Ben Trott over at the MT homepage, and while you're there, read the announcement for MT3.0 as well!

While I was happily transferring files, I decided to replace MT-Blacklist with the latest version as well, and update the blacklist it uses.

It's all done now, and we're back off to blogging land!

Update : Yikes! After a hailstorm that came down, we're now having SNOW. It ain't much, and it doesn't seem to stick around for now, but it's always fun to see the first snow of the winter!

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MT 2.65 from on December 22, 2003 2:52 PM

Movable Type 2.65 was just released, and I just updated to it. The update is simple, and if it wasn't for my FTP client bugging out on me, it would have been easy :)... Read More

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Snow? You lucky dog! I haven't seen snow in almost a decade.

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