Is TV educational?


Although I don't watch TV often, today I feel that there were some things on the telly that somehow were very interesting. Most of them I ran into while zapping through the channels - actually, I was pushing the button on the TV itself as I have an old set with a missing remote - and I just kept on watching.

First thing that I ran into was "Zij gelooft, Zij niet", a program about a dutch couple that had some sort of a problem : She is totally devoted to God, while he is an atheist. Throughout the show there would be talks with both, to let them explain their view on their marriage, life and religion.

He didn't want her praying to the Lord downstairs, or putting up religious artifacts everywhere, so her created a special room for her to pray in. She was happy that she could have her personal "shrine" but on the other hand she felt convicted to practice her beliefs in a confined area. It was mighty interesting to see how they tried to accept the others views on the matter and how it influences their life.

Then while continuing I ran into a stand up comedian called Jochem Myjer on a Dutch channel. Wonderful show he put up, even if I probably missed some jokes because they were focussed on the situation in Holland. I found it very entertaining though and I came to realize that I like that kind of stuff a lot. I think that I'll have to go see such a show in 2004 someday - and since I know Joco also likes it, I think I'll have to convince him to find some time in his busy shedule and join me :)

After that show was done, I came across a business channel called Kanaal Z where they were discussing a book written by Christian Leysen, called "Antwerpen onvoltooide stad". They were talking about how the skyline in Antwerp doesn't change, creativity drowns in paperwork and how the city needs to attract at least 100.000 people in order to keep on living. Very interesting discussion to follow, and while things are changing, we're still far away from the ultimate goal.

To finish of the day (or night?) I tuned in to Ricochet on TV1. Even though it only gets 5.7 out of 10 on IMDB, I liked it. I was quite sure I had seen it before, but it turns out I didn't.


Ug, I could never live with someone religious. My deep disrespect for religion, organised or otherwise, just wouldn't allow any kind of relationship to form. Which is probably very intolerant of me but them's the breaks. Luckily Boyd and I have very similar views on a lot of things, I like that he understands and accepts me without needing ongoing discussion or compromise. It's restful. Not that I don't like people who think differently than I do, in fact the opposite. Not being constantly challanged at home allows tme to get that stimulation elsewhere without feeling threatened and I have a lot of different friends.

Yeah, I know comments all about me when this is your blog suck but ah well :D

Shelley, at least you comment, they make sense, and I learn something new almost every time.

Now the question remains where all those other comment writers went to? Maybe they left with the readers?

i've learnt quite a bit of stuff off the TV. there was a phase when my daughters were young whereby RTBF would show quite a lot of documenteries about identical twins. having twins myself, i found these documenteries interesting - even though my daughters are not identical.

so from that feeble example (there are more, really), i believe that yes, TV can be educational.

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