I am a B-movie star


They're comming! Run! Help! Aaaaarrrggghhhh.... They got me!

Yes, I feel like a seventies B-movie character right now, you know, one of those "scary horror movies" that had very low-budget special effects and blob spreading aliens all over the scene. One of those aliens must have gotten me and inject my head with an infinite amount of snot.

It started last night while I was doing some editing and has hopefully reached the maximum today. Since I haven't been out much last week, I believe this thing is very contagious so unless you need to see me in person and urgently, stay the fuck away from me.

If you enjoy laying in bed with an terrible headache, an overflowing bucket of snot and a general feeling of drowsiness, you can ignore that though.

I had a lot of things planned for the weekend, but this illness might push some things back, unfortunately.


damn sorry to hear.
but hey, look at the bright site of it!
and let me know what that is ;)

Griep denkek :(

Hi Jerry just take the following recept:
Longdrink glas, 1 lemon, bacardi, sugar and tea.
Pour 1/3 bacardi, 1 squeezed lemon, add some sugar and fill up with hot tea.
Finish the bottle of Bacardi , you wake up with a hangover, but the "cold" will be gone -:)

Cheers , Mike.

Whahaha... that sounds like a hell of a good recipe Mike! Gotta write it down.

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