Happy nude year!

Let me tell you, it too fucking cold outside, but never too cold to fuck outside. Lol, there you go! What an opener, ain't it?

The year 2004 has arrived at last, only a matter of hours before 2003 will be history. This seems to be the time where all kinds of people make all kinds of resolutions for the new year. Well, as you might already know, I'm not all kinds of people, and therefore I don't make new years resolutions. I made some earlier this year and even had them listed on this blog for a few months, but they died in the redesign that I did.

Not that it really matters as they were far from accomplished anyway. I always made these things, but hardly ever worked towards them, although I nearly reached some of the goals I set for myself back in 2002. Well yeah, nearly reached them doesn't count, does it? It's a bit like getting 5 numbers correct on the lottery : nice, but it ain't 6.

No new year, old year or any other day resolutions for me today, nor tomorrow. You can tell me about yours though, if you feel like it. I promise I won't laugh at them hard Oh forget it - I don't promise you anything!

Just have a jolly good time, enjoy yourself and the ones you love and everything that goes with it.

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