Great chainletter!


Finally a good chainletter. In comparison to "normal" chainletters, this one doesn't cost a thing. You can only win!

What do you have to do?

It's very easy : first put your wife/girlfriend under narcosis, put her in a large box (don't forget to put holes in the box for air, preferably before stuffing her in there) and then mail off the box to the first person on this list.

Add yourself to the bottom of the list, and send this mail to five very good friends of yours, that are at least as potent as you are. Soon enough, your name will be in the top position of the list and you'll receive 823.542 women by mail!

According to statistics, at least 0.5 of them will be Miss Belgium, 2.5 will be a model, 463 of them are wild nymphomaniacs, 3.234 are attractive nympho's, 20.198 of them are women capable of multiple orgasms and 40.198 will be bisexual.

Which amounts to 64.284 women that are hotter, tastier and more open to things than that old bat you just mailed off. And the best thing is that the old bat is guaranteed not one of those you'll receive!

Warning : don't break the chain under any circumstance!

An unidentified male who only mailed 3 instead of 5 friends, got the old bat returned to him in the same ugly pyjamas, with the same everlasting migrane and constant nagging. The same day the Brazilian bisexual supermodel - that he had been living with since the day he mailed off his wife - left him and went to live with his best friend - whom had not received this mail!

While I relay this mail to my friends, the dude 4 positions above me has received 837 women, and he's in the hospital suffering from exhaustion. In front of the door of his hospital room another 432 new boxes are waiting for him! You simply have to trust this mail!

This is a unique opportunity to reach a satisfying sex life - no expensive invitations to restaurants, no conversations that drag on for hours about topics that only women are interested in, just to have sex with her. No obligations, no irritating mothers-in-law and no chilling suprises like engagement or marriage.

Don't hestitate and send 5 very good friends this letter today!

PS : If you don't happen to have a wife, you can also mail a vacuumcleaner. It amounts to the same thing.
PS2 : Linking or backtracking to this post will not be considered the same as mailing your wife/girlfriend to me, although it'll help you reach the number one position sooner, because more men will join the chain. Don't waste time, get the women of your dreams now!


i would say something very rude here - but i can't think of anything rude enough.


Give it your best shot - and then lighten up, it's a bloody joke :)

oh, it's only a joke - i must have missed that ;)

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