Went over to Joco & Eef's place to celebrate Alex 2nd birthday - that kid is growing so damn fast! I bet he'll be dating his first girl before I have a date myself.

Warning : it seems some fuckers managed to get themself infected with W32/Sober-C (aka Sober.C), a worm that spreads via KaZaa and other peer-to-peer networks, as well as by e-mail. According to the flood of virus infected messages ending up in my mailbox this moment, it seems Germany has been hit hard - most of the received mails originate there. So far the Skynet Anti-Virus Protection tool has been catching them, but it seems some people you never learn.

So far I couldn't find any details about a possible payload on this baby, but it wouldn't suprise me that infected machines will turn out to be zombies (infected computers that are later on used to DDoS sites and relay spam). The future of e-mail and internet seems very bright, don't you think?

Update those damn virusscanners people, don't piss me off even more!

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